Ohio, Land of…Manuscripts?

“Ohio is one of the areas of the country richest in medieval manuscripts, with more than 2200 codices and 2400 leaves in at least thirty-three collections. In fact, once you leave the East Coast, Ohio has the largest number of medieval manuscripts per person and per square mile in the United States.” – Lisa Davis, “Manuscript

Sherlock Chapelle

As the precinct delves further into the enigmatic Hargrett Hours investigation, we detectives of Squad Calendar have a hunch. Here’s what we know: the object of interest is a medieval manuscript called the Hargrett Hours that dates to the 15th century. It’s a Book of Hours, which is a kind of prayer manuscript intended for

A Note on Use

The Fall 2018 iteration of the Hargrett Hours Project has been working all semester towards a digitized edition of our lovely Book of Hours. Lo and behold, it’s here! This website is the product of two months’ worth of work divided into (roughly) three parts: Team Website, Team Gospels, and Team Prayer, respectively working to create the website and

Passion Devotion in Books of Hours

(This post originally appeared on the “Hargrett Hours Project” Blog. Find Original Post Here) The central research project for this semester’s Hargrett Hours course has been the Passion material in the manuscript. Most centrally, we’re interested in how the six prayers and the Passion account from the Gospel of John fit into the broader landscape of